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Reps. Pettersen, Steel Introduce ‘They’re Fast, We’re Furious’ Bill to Curb Illegal Street Racing

WASHINGTON—U.S. Representatives Brittany Pettersen (D-CO) and Michelle Steel (R-CA) introduced H.R. 6224, the They’re Fast, We’re Furious Act of 2023 to address reckless speeding and illegal street racing impacting communities across the country. This bipartisan bill would establish a Street Racing Prevention and Intervention Task Force under the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to coordinate local, state, and federal strategic responses to street racing and unlawful organized street shows. The task force would address the impacts of street racing and develop best practices to combat the problem, creating safer communities and potentially saving lives.

“I’ve heard from constituents across Broomfield and Jefferson Counties who are concerned by the illegal street racing on the rise in our communities,” said Pettersen. “During a town hall earlier this year, I spoke with residents about the toll this reckless driving is taking on the well-being of our neighbors and kids, including the death of a college student in Westminster caused by a street racing incident. I took these concerns back to Washington and am now proud to be partnering with Congresswoman Steel to create a federal task force to reduce traffic fatalities and help keep our streets and neighborhoods a safe place for everyone.”

“Illegal street racing, takeovers, and sideshows have become a serious safety concern for our local communities. These reckless activities harm innocent drivers, first responders, and local businesses the most and have become a major public safety issue. It is unfortunate to see this behavior grow across our country, and I am proud to introduce legislation with Rep. Pettersen that will strengthen law enforcement coordination and combat this dangerous trend,” said Steel. 

Click here for the full text of the bill.

Rep. Pettersen introduced this bill following concerns from communities across her district, including those voiced at a town hall she hosted in Westminster in August. In 2021, a street racing incident in Westminster caused the death of a 21-year-old student at the University of Colorado Boulder. This incident rocked the community and is unfortunately a common occurrence in the United States, as speeding and street racing continue to rise in prevalence since the global pandemic. In 2020, speeding contributed to 287 fatalities in Colorado, 46% of all traffic fatalities in the state. In the same year, Colorado was tied for the highest percentage of traffic fatalities involving speeding in the country. 

Beyond the dangerous nature of these activities, street racing and street shows cause noise and safety disruptions, negatively impacting small neighborhoods and large cities alike. The They’re Fast, We’re Furious Act of 2023 is a step towards cracking down on these dangerous activities, as the established task force would coordinate efforts nationwide and ensure law enforcement and agencies have the best information and resources available. Members of the task force would be appointed by the Attorney General, Secretary of Transportation, and the FBI Director, and be composed of employees from the DOJ Criminal Division, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the FBI, and local and state law enforcement agencies.